Friday, February 3, 2012

Creative Exploration Challenge - Week #5 Crackle Effect

Hello Friends! This weeks was a crazy week. My husband and I both got memberships to our local gym. Yeah Me!!! Getting fit is yet another item on my list for 2012.  So it has been challenging getting a new routine in order.  Getting daughter to school, workout, clean house, pick up daughter, after-school fun and trying to fit in my artwork in there somewhere. I was also a little under the weather, but somehow I managed to fit it all in.

(It's also In the Studio Friday - check out other creative blogs here)


This weeks Challenge was very cool - it is making a crackle effect on a object using Elmer's glue. I am very happy with how this worked and I am excited to also try this on wood.
I cut out this dress from card stock to use in a mixed media project.  You could use any surface - I am looking forward to trying this as a background on a canvas or wood.

Apply Elmer's Glue

Spread glue
Add paint

Cover Object

Let air dry or use heat gun!

Here she is - this is still a work in progress but I wanted to share where I used my dress! I just love this effect and plan on using this much more!
Here is to another wonderful week! Hugs and Love, Dayleanne XOXO