Sunday, January 22, 2012

A little DIY with dayleanne

So Pinterest has me going crazy with fantastic DIY projects! My daughter Dylan and I worked on one this weekend! We made outdoor ice orbs. We used yellow and blue dye for them - Dylan's school colors and also U of M - cant go wrong! Here is how it turned out.

My girl and I put water color in the balloons and filled them - placed them  in the containers so they could sit flat and create a bottom
Sitting outside over night to freeze


  1. they look so beautiful, I LOVE this idea!!!! definitely going to try it out if it goes below 0 again!!!!

  2. These are beautiful! Though I must admit, I'm very happy to be a Florida girl so that I don't have to deal with snow!

  3. I love this and it looks like they came out pretty cool...alas, I am down south and haven't seen snow in years.

  4. Thanks so much!!! They were beautiful - unfortunately it was 50 today with rain - so it looks like we will be doing this again soon!